People today are increasingly interested in cosmetic dentistry as a way to improve their appearance. These treatments include straightening, whitening, restructuring and repairing teeth. Cosmetic treatments include veneers (laminates), crowns, bridges, cosmetic fillings and teeth whitening.

What are veneers? (laminates)

Veneers, i.e. laminates are thin pieces of porcelain. They are precisely made and like a thin shell they cover the surface of the tooth.

Porcelain veneers are used:

- to cover the surfaces of painted teeth that can not be whitened;
- for correction of the shape and / or length of the teeth, in patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth;
- to improve the appearance of damaged teeth (from caries) or broken teeth (trauma).

Can I whiten my

Teeth whitening is very effective if you want to lighten the natural color of your teeth. Depending on your desire, teeth can be whitened for one or more shades.

My tooth is broken, what to do?

If the tooth is broken, or most of the tooth is filled, it is recommended to make a crown on the tooth, which as a cover rests on your natural tooth, which restores the function of the damaged tooth, as well as the aesthetics.

White aesthetically fillings

For more than 150 years, a silver-gray material called "amalgam" was used for sealing. Amalgam fillings were considered to be one of the strongest sealing materials with the highest durability. But over time, many people find the gray color different, as well as the fact that they pose a potential health risk.

White micro-hybrid and nano-hybrid composite materials are a popular and ideal replacement for old amalgam fillings. These new materials with their choice of colors perfectly fit into any tooth color. In many cases it is impossible to notice that the tooth has a filling.