If you have crooked teeth, bite problems and jaw placement, you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment. In our office are placed different types of devices with which we strive for top aesthetics and function, all in order to obtain a harmonious whole as a final result.

Fixed appliances

With the placement of the fixed appliances, forces are applied with the help of which the placement of the teeth and forks is corrected. Regular check-ups and proper oral hygiene are key in this process. It is good to note that orthodontics is no longer reserved exclusively for the youngest. New findings show that even at an older age, orthodontic therapy gives satisfactory results.

Mobile appliances

In children, we can often decide to install mobile devices that have the same function - correction of the position of the teeth, jaws and bite. It is a therapy that can precede the fixed or be separate and end with getting the end result - beautiful and straight teeth that contribute to a glowing smile.

Myofunctional appliances

Made of special, soft material, intended for our young patients, they act on the correction of existing anomalies, and at the same time continue the growth and development of teeth and jaws in the right direction and correct harmful habits.


Invisible, transparent liners that are easily accepted by our patients. The thin foils intimately adhere to your teeth and act with moderate force to correct them and bring them to the correct position in the tooth canal.