Dental prosthetics

Tooth loss negatively affects a person's self-esteem and mental state. With their proper compensation, your daily functioning is facilitated, your chewing, speech and aesthetics are improved, and with that, the smile on your face is restored.


When your teeth are damaged and become weaker as a result of trauma or caries, porcelain crowns can strengthen and protect them. This procedure is very quick and simple. After consultation and examination in our office, tooth prints are taken from your teeth, and then sent to a dental laboratory. There your crowns will be made to fit perfectly on your teeth. Your crowns will be ready on the second visit. The whole process is fast and safe. If necessary, local anesthesia is used for painless work.


The lack of one or more teeth in your mouth affects the function of the gums, the aesthetics of the smile, as well as your self-confidence. If you have a lack of teeth, we will transform your smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges literally bridge the space caused by tooth loss by replacing porcelain teeth with the most natural looking, which are also as aesthetic and functional as your natural teeth.


Mobile, total and partial

If we come to a common conclusion that the most ideal prosthetic solution for you are mobile products, they can be made to replace all or part of the teeth. In any case, you can be sure that you will leave our office satisfied and with a wide smile.