radiography (x-ray)

Panoramic x-ray (tooth panorama) is a two-dimensional imaging of the entire oral cavity with just one shot. The panoramic image covers all the teeth, the upper and lower jaw, the temporo-mandibular joint, as well as the surrounding tissues and structures.


Panoramic images are non-invasive medical diagnostic methods, and helps in making a specific diagnosis accurately. Panoramic dental imaging is one of the oldest and most widely used methods for diagnosing oral diseases.

Panoramic dental imaging is used to diagnose:
  • caries between two teeth, as well as secondary caries - under existing fillings
  • periodontal disease and bone pockets
  • the ratio of certain teeth to the maxillary sinus
  • impacted teeth (teeth stuck in the jaw, usually wisdom teeth)
  • placement of young permanent teeth in the jaws
  • the number of roots and root canals, their placement
  • cysts in the oral region, periapical processes, etc.
When should a panoramic shot be taken?

The loss of all or almost all of the teeth in the mouth can adversely affect a person's self-esteem and mental state. In our dental office we will help you restore your self-confidence and the beauty of your smile.

How much is the radiation during panoramic dental imaging?

The radiation during the panoramic imaging of teeth is very small compared to the daily radiation to which we are exposed without our choice - radiation from the ground, the sun, radioactive elements from nature, etc.

The total radiation from a panoramic image is less than the radiation received by nature in the span of a day.

Radiation during panoramic dental imaging is minimal and is adjustable according to the patient's age, making it safe for children.

How long does panoramic tooth extraction take?

Panoramic dental recording takes less than 1 minute and you get the recording immediately. No prior appointment is required.